Valldemossa | Mallorca

Valldemossa is one of the prettiest villages in Mallorca. It’s situation in the hills of the Tramuntana range, at about 17 km from Palma makes Valldemossa an extraordinary day out and is a wonderful cultural visit. Surrounded by forested hills and lush countryside, it’s also a favourite with outdoor enthusiasts.

With a population of around 2,000, Valldemossa is a quiet and traditional town with narrow streets and lanes constructed with blonde stone, as are the houses. Each doorway and street is lined with beautiful green plants and flowers making the town one of the most beautiful in Mallorca. Many doorways of houses feature a religious symbol of Mallorca’s patron saint, Saint Catalina Thomàs to protect their houses from harm, a tradition set many years ago.

The landmark that everyone comes to see is the 13th century monastry which has links to the Polish composer Frederic Chopin. Known as the ‘Real Cartuja de Valldemossa’ this is an old Carthusian monastery, originally founded as a royal residence until changed to a monastery in 1399. Writers, artists and composers found inspiration in Valldemossa including composer Chopin, who lived in Valldemossa during the winter of 1838-39. It was at the Real Cartuja that Chopin spent the winter with French writer Aurore Dupin, who was better known as her alias George Stand.

The village itself is full of charming little streets fileld with cafes, galleries and gift shops. Traditional family bakeries can still be found in Valldemossa and serve up the local delight of ‘coca de patata’ translated to ‘potato cake’. This is infact a sweet cake made with boiled potatoes to form a small and soft bread/sponge textured bun. This is commonly eaten with a coffee or a thick hot chocolate and is a favourite amongst the locals.

Valldemossa is surrounded by fertile land where olive and almond trees are grown and it has changed very little since it was first inhabited, despite the increase in tourism trade. The unchanging residential streets can therefore be quite slippy as years of wear have caused some paving stones to become polished and difficult to grip. Be careful if the ground is wet but many steep streets have matts on the ground to walk on that should make it easier to get up and down the street without falling over.

The town is very well sign posted and offers quite a few cafes and restaurants. There is also a lovely garden nearby the Chopin Festival Association where a bust of Chopin can be found close by. As the town is very small it is quick to have a look around, and although the narrow streets can be quite confusing to navigate, you can never get too far from the centre.

Although close to the coast, Valldemossa is not a beachside town. There is a small mooring harbour for a couple of fishing boats at Port Valldemossa which is about six km away. There is a restaurant here and a small pebble beach. Many visitors and locals in this area will travel to nearby Deia which continues to offer picturesque views of the west coast.

There are two large car parks in Valldemossa that are controlled by parking meters and getting around on foot is the easiest option once there.

Valldemossa is easily accesible from Palma (about a 30 minute drive) which means it does suffer from coach loads of day trippers during the summer season, but for the rest of the year, it is a wonderfully tranquil and unspoilt place to visit. For hikers, bikers and nature lovers, Valldemossa is a good place to be based, there are many hikes and trails in the area, many of which will reward you with glorious sea views.



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