Sóller Tram Celebrates 100 Years

The little Sóller tram in Mallorca, that connects Sóller to the beach at Port Sóller is 100 years old this October.

The tram was introduced on October 4th 1913, one year after the narrow gauge railway that connects Palma de Mallorca to Sóller, linking the main town of Sóller to neighboring Port Sóller. Anyone who has visited the seaside town will have seen the tram and probably ridden the 4.8km route.

There will be a special celebration on the 4th October for the tram and the Adjuntament of Sóller are asking anyone who has pictures of the tram to submit them to a database that will document the history of the town and the tram.

Details of the fourth October festivities have not yet been published but it should be a fun occasion to make a wonderful part of Sóller life.


Source Link: http://www.seemallorca.com/events/news/soller-tram-celebrates-100-years.html