New Free App ‘MobiPalma’ Available on Smartphones and Tablets.

Palma City Council has launched their ‘MobiPalma’ app. A free app that provides you with up to date information on roads, traffic, parking and public transport.

Head of the Mobility Department, Gabriel Vallejo, presented the new APP and commented: “It will make it easier, both for residents and tourists, to access mobility services in Palma.”

Available on smartphones and tablets the new app has been translated into Catalan, Spanish and English with plans to make it available in German as well.

With just a few clicks you can now find out when the next bus will arrive at your stop, plan your route in advance with timetables, stops and route durations. If you are taking the car then you can check those well known traffic hot spots to see if the traffic is flowing or how long delays are likely to be. And if you are using the public bike system then you can even check on the number of bikes or parking spots at any destination…no more trawling around the stations to find a space or a bike!

Free to download and easy to use we can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t want the MobiPalma app!
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