Cycling in Mallorca Easier for 2014

Palma’s “Boris-Bikes” Available to Tourists Next Summer! Bicipalma the Palma de Mallorca public bicycle system is going to be available to tourists next year.

The system is similar to that in London whereby the bikes are stored in central locations and can be collected and dropped off by those who have subscribed to use them. At the moment Bicipalma is only available to residents and proof of residency is needed to become a member. As of 2014 that is set to change.

Gabrial Vallejo from the local Innovation Institute said “ Foreign tourists are used to using bikes to tour cities. It will be hard to reach the numbers shown for example in northern Europe but the growth of this type of transport is unstoppable.”

A new pricing system has been approved and it looks very reasonable with a three day rental costing just €9 and €12 buying a tourist a whole week.

Currently the system is used by just over 2000 Palma residents but the council expects the bikes to be used by 3000 tourists next year.