Castell Son Claret 5*Hotel | Es Capdellà

The further you go from the madding crowd, the richer the experience – something known to all Mallorca-philes. Turn inland off the Ma-1 motorway towards Es Capdellà, and a single-track road brings you into a silent valley ringed by the crags of the Sierra Tramuntana. An avenue of palms leads the eye to a lush garden, beyond which stands a handsome house in the warm-coloured limestone typical of the island’s historic buildings.

In a place that is already home to more than 25 five-star hotels and many others that describe themselves as “rural deluxe”, you might question the need for one more exclusive country-house retreat. However, a night at Castell Son Claret, in the west of the island, should put that thought to rest. No expense has been spared converting the property into a 38-room hotel (opening this month); a labour of love for its owner, German billionaire Klaus-Michael Kühne. Full Details:

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